I am presenting the final keynote at the British Quality Foundation Annual Leadership Conference and drafting an article for the Process Excellence Network which is focusing on Leadership for February.  So it got me thinking.

A huge number of books have been written on the traits of a leader, the role of a leader and becoming a leader. Here is an alternative list. But it is sometimes interesting is to look down the other end of the telescope.



What is it like to be a follower? Followers are critical to validate the raison d’etre of the leader?  In this inspirational video by Derek Sivers he explains the critical relationship between leader and follower and how together you can make a difference.



One thought on “Leadership is overrated. You need followers. #PEX #leadership #inspired

  1. I think it was the bicycle shorts. Wear bike shorts = be good leader? Seriously, though, in our social age, the ability to attract and keep followers is the trait that will be valued. In a less hierarchical workplace, it becomes those who attract followers and not those who get people assigned to them. Those who inspire will attract. And maybe those who wear bike shorts, too.

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