Following on from my last post on Improv.  How many times do the skills of improv come to work?

  • interview where interviewee is a school friend  (lover / bully / teachers pet)
  • double booked meeting room
  • unexpected redundancy announcement
  • won huge project, but it is oversees  somewhere nasty for 18 months
  • IT dept have found out the business team have developed their own system
  • team member promoted to team leader
  • performance appraisal for underperforming staff member
  • the day after the company Xmas party
  • negotiation the contract renewal with client
  • team discovering and planning a major product recall
  • 2 people manning an exhibition stand with odd person asking questions
  • confronting person caught leaking secrets to competition
  • boss tells subordinate that they need to get rid of half of team
  • subordinate tells boss leaving to go to competition
  • networking drinks event where bump into ex wife
  • first day at a client as consultant where clearly you are not qualified

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