There are some stark differences between the the way social  media works inside the workplace and for our social life. This means that the software tools are very different. So using Facebook (FB) inside the enterprise won’t work well – nor will other tools designed to ape FB. So FB should be banned for office collaboration, provided a better application is provided instead.

Consider the differences:

Facebook in our social like is designed so that we can keep in touch with friends and relatives and communicate=. Much like an evening out at the pub, club or restaurant. We are not trying to ‘achieve’ anything.

At work the collaboration is because we need to be able to work with others, who are now more often than not remote. The social or collaboration applications enable us to connect with others who can help us get our job done more quickly, easily or effectively. Period. The electronic social tools means that the connections which were limited to being physical can now be virtual. We can hook into skills or expertise we never knew existed in another office. and ‘get the job done’.  Not ‘hang out with mates’.

This distinction out a very different set of requirements on the enterprise social tools and also how they are implemented.



One thought on “Why enterprise social tools are NOT like Facebook #social

  1. Thanks, Ian. Well said. Which is why adding Social to BPM does not give Social BPM.
    To socialize about work should mean to analyze and define goals, execute towards them by creating and maintaining all process resources and verify goal achievement. Social doesn’t do that, neither do BPMS (except a few) and usually not even case management or collaboration. It is one of the key differences I see for a new paradigm in process and case management, may it be called ACM, DCM or iBPM.

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