Elise Olding gave an excellent presentation at the London Gartner BM Summit on Gamification. But the challenge we gave her in the feedback was to make her presentation live out the principles of gamification; ie make it more of a game.

And she has risen to the challenge.  If you are attending the Gartner BPM Summit in Baltmore next week, she has set us all a challenge. The challenge is on her blog, titled Get Your Game On at the Gartner BPM Summit in Baltimore

This is an excellent idea, plus it also gives some great insights into the private lives of the Gartner analysts….   Oh, and it has forced me to attend the pre-conf session, follow at least 3 analysts on Twitter, learn about opera and think about going diving.

Why do I feel like I am being manipulated – just to collect badges? But it doesn’t feel like coercion because it is a game and we all like a challenge.

Which is the root of gamification.

BTW Make sure that you attend my session on SocialBPM on Friday morning. No games, but it will be challenging and thought provoking.



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