A number of us have managed multi-million pound projects. Some of them were even successful! But we had a team called the PMO (Project Management Office) to keep track of all that boring stuff like project documentation, project planning, status reporting and budgets.  As Dilbert puts it so well.

But the PMO gave us the time to worry about picking the right suppliers, managing the risk profile, balancing resourcing and the project politics.  The things that made the biggest difference.

Business success, personal failure

So why are the ‘projects’ in our personal lives such a mess? Quotes, invoices, change requests all ‘filed’ in a pile on a desk somewhere. Probably the critical discussions about ‘agreed changes’ are in an email buried somewhere in an inbox or in a deleted SMS. So when the invoice finally arrives, who knows if it is correct – leading to inevitable budget overruns.

I don’t have  ‘personal projects’

Firstly what is a ‘project’ in this context?  Actually this list is longer than you first imagine, if you think laterally.  The recent blog Are our personal lives made up of ‘projects’? gave some examples.  An alternative way to look at it is:

If it fits in the sentence  “I need to get ______  sorted”  or  “I need to organise/manage/arrange/sort out _______” then it is a project.

Sure, it is that house extension or renovating an old car but this list is HUGE.  Here are a just a few ideas:

Your Personal PMO

What is needed is a Personal PMO, which is where the idea for LessAdmin.com came from. (Disclosure: I am an angel investor in LessAdmin)  Some way of getting on top of all this boring stuff, quickly, easily and elegantly. Making it REALLY easy to track and a manage all that boring paperwork, but also keep a handle on the committed costs and spend to date.

So you can get on and  do the important stuff.   Like having a mid-life crisis.


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