Nimbus Control started off 15 years ago as a Quality Management tool used by Quality Managers but we quickly realised that we were only selling one copy of our software to each company, which the Quality Manager used. That was not a great business model if world domination was the aim!  There are still some companies who were competitors way back then who still have this business model. They make a living, but sadly little more.

So we changed our software approach and addressed the fundamental problem that Dilbert has highlighted. Often the Quality Manual is something created simply to get the ISO9000 certificate on the wall.  It is a liability. A drain on resources. A white elephant.

Our vision was, and still is, that you can map and document your end to end business processes which will help you on your journey to operational excellence, and ISO9000 is a by product. I talked about this in more detail in a recent blog called Process Governance is Competitive Advantage.

So if you are a Quality Manager, don’t try and be cool and sexy. Focus instead on becoming an asset to the business, not a liability.


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