I have been promoted to be CIO by default. Why? Because there is no one else to do it, and I am the person with the best skills, but I am nowhere near qualified.

It feels like the worst job in the world.

The job requires a knowledge of the following

  • hardware and software configuration (PC and Mac),
  • networking and internet connectivity,
  • data storage and file management,
  • website development,
  • domain and email administration,
  • media management (music & video)
  • management of mobile devices (phones and tablets).

Plus the users I deal with are very inexperienced, do not follow any IT or security policy (because they don’t exist), and need to be treated with kid gloves, and I need to be available on the end of a phone 24×7.

Sounds unreasonable. You bet it is.

The job is CIO for the Gotts family.

Now you see why I got the job. Someone has to do it. The complexity of IT infrastructure in our household of 4 people and the data storage far exceeds anything that we had when I founded Nimbus 15 years ago – or probably even 5 years ago. And Nimbus was a software company with a full time IT administrator.

I am expected to cover the job in my spare time, but also be on call 24×7.

Now at least I have spent the last 25 years in the IT industry and around PCs and now Macs. I understand the implications of cloud computing – you may have read some of my blogs about the Stealth Cloud – or read one of the books I’ve written. I also understand data storage and file management. And my knowledge of Social Media and the security risks is right up there. In fact by CIO standards my CV looks pretty good.

But what chance do you have if you are a lawyer or school teacher or … well name any profession that is not steeped in IT. How do you manage to get a handle on the management of your family IT?

Surely there is a role here for the thousands of IT-fixers, the Microsoft Partners, who are being sidelined by cloud computing – “Fractional ownership of a CIO”.


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