It is nearly a year on from the acquisition of Nimbus by TIBCO and the recent TRANSFORM conference has been a useful watershed to make us think about what each gets from the other.

We spend a lot of time thinking about how Nimbus benefits from being part of TIBCO, plus we get asked all the time by clients, partners and analysts.  This list is long but can be summarised in 3 areas:

  • Balance sheet strength; often a concern for clients who see Nimbus Control as a strategic investment.
  • Engaging the CIO; as Nimbus is primarily bought by the business, the IT organisation often see it as a threat or a poor purchasing decision by the business. As part of the TIBCO family there is now less scepticism by the CIO
  • A broader product range; the integration with analytics, events, forms, workflow and social mean that there is a more comprehensive solution with less interface work required by the client.

So what does TIBCO get from the Nimbus acquisition?  Some of the areas are obvious, but the last is an unexpected benefit.

  • Access to new clients and new buyers within existing clients;  Nimbus sells predominantly to the business and TIBCO to the IT organisation
  • Engaging earlier in the implementation cycle for workflow projects; Nimbus is used at the analysis phase when many of the automation technology decisions are made. Engaging early enables TIBCO to shape the opportunity before teh other workflow vendors realise there is even an opportunity
  • Thought leadership and customer centric marketing; as highlighted in MWD’s recent summary of the TRANSFORM2012 event, Nimbus understand how to run engaging events with strong client stories; Sony and Guide Dogs at TRANSFORM

So, in summary Nimbus fits well as a valued member of the TIBCO family and that is underlined by how few staff have left post-acquisition, and the increasing momentum we are getting in clients.


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