The world has been captivated by the images of Oscar Pistorius who made Olympic history by racing in the 400m Track & Field final for South Africa this weekend. The photo below tells the story.

However, it has whipped up a storm of debate which has centered around his artificial limbs and whether they give him an unfair advantage. The current view appears to be that whilst he is not winning, it is not an issue.  But inevitably there will be technological advances. Just look at the bikes and clothes being used by the cyclists in velodrome compared with those in previous Olympics. Already the French and Aussies are complaining that TeamGB had an unfair advantage. Just as well all the GB kit was checked out and approved by the UCI before the Olympics started and is now on sale in all good cycle shops. So, the design and the materials of his artificial limbs will improve. When he starts winning, then there will be some difficult decisions for the Olympic officials.

Inspiring kids to do something, not just eat

But that is some way off. For now, there is a far more important point. He is a fantastic example to the world. Let’s use him as an icon to inspire kids, both able-bodied and disabled to get off their backsides and aspire them to do something healthy.

Obesity is a major health issue. It is robbing children of their lives. We now have kids who will not outlive their parents. You can blame the food companies, but we all have free choice into what we eat. The issue is education. Education of what to eat. Education of how to eat within a budget.

Eating more healthily is something that Jamie Oliver has been championing for years. His speech at TED got a standing ovation, not for the quality of his presentation style (he freely admits he is awful), but for the power of his message.

Inspiring us to live longer

Obesity kills more people per year than guns, cigarettes and cancer.

Side note: So how did we let McDonalds, Coca Cola and Cadburys become sponsors of the Olympics?

Here’s a list of the sponsors and the amount they paid.


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