The hierarchy of marketing has just gained another level. It costs less money, but requires more effort. And in the new world it is starting to be the only way to effectively market some types of new product and service.

  1. BUY  – advertising
  2. BEG – PR/media
  3. BUG – sales calls
  4. EARN – publish great content / “brand journalism”

What changes are we seeing?

The biggest change is EARN websites look more like newspapers with interesting articles to catch the attention…. like this one…. rather than product brochure-ware. Also great content is free.

If you are a PR company then you are seeing an attrition as companies divert PR budget (BEG) to social media (EARN) initiatives.

If you are a salesman you need to think about how you EARN rather than BUG.

Finally, why would you pay for advertising, other than for brand awareness?


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