Full disclosure : I am a founder investor in LessAdmin.com

Vision but no money

When you come up with a new business idea you want it to be live immediately, to be able to tell everyone about it, and to see it grow. You would expect the primary reason is to make money. But interestingly that is not it.

Sometimes, you do not necessarily know what the business model will be when you launch. It is not obvious in the B2C world exactly how it will make money; think of Google, Amazon, PayPal, eBay, LinkedIn, and Twitter. None of these were profitable on Day-1 or on Day-101 or in some cases Day-1001. Yes they had a vision, but this evolved as they got feedback and analysed usage. And from this the business model emerged (or not in the case of Twitter).

Job #1

So Job #1 is to build a compelling service/application which is valuable and therefore gets used and recommended to others. That is the approach we are taking with LessAdmin.com. LessAdmin.com is a web-based which enables collaboration between all the people (friends, family, suppliers) on a personal project such as home improvement, selling a house, running a sports event or planning a wedding

Job #2 – website live

The first step which is visible to the world is the launch of the website. Behind the scenes the team have been working for months to develop the concept, business design and application. They are not yet ready to launch the application. You (and I) need to be a little more patient, but not long now. They estimate early October will be the formal launch.

It will not launch until they are completely happy.

So until then, please register your interest by emailing us, using this form.

Job #3 – Get momentum

Momentum means people using it and telling their friends. If you have a project you are about to start and want to use LessAdmin.com they’d love to hear from you. They’ll work with you and make sure you get the best from LessAdmin.com. That way they get some early successful case studies, but also will get some great feedback on what works, and what doesn’t.

Our job is to remove all possible friction which stop you signing up. Make the sign-up as simple as possible with as few fields as possible. One thing we have removed is the need to pay. So how easy does it need to be? Exactly.

Job #4 Free forever, for everyone?

No. At some point, we will work out what will work in terms of charging.  Is it ad-funded? Is it sponsored?  Is it a freemium model, where you pay if you are a heavy user or want to access more advanced features?  We are not sure at the moment. But the instant we have some ideas we will be sure to let you know.

So until then, it is FREE. An unbeatable price of  £0.00 or if you prefer 3 easy payments of £0.00.

So let’s give it legs


3 thoughts on “More important than “Can it make money?” is “Does it have legs?”

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