We were talking to my son, Max, about how he and his friend are geeks. But Max got defensive and said that he was a geek and was proud of it, and certainly his friend wasn’t.

That is great news. The biggest risk to the long term future of the IT industry is a lack of kids thinking that it is cool. A lack of IT talent is a global issue, according to recruitment group Hays Information Technology. How can’t be technology be cool? The iPhone, iPad, Kinect, Facebook, Skype, YouTube, the internet…

In fact, technology is at the heart of all of our lives. It has dramatically changed the way that we work, play, live, laugh and love.

But being involved in technology has huge negative connotations. Very few women get into IT, whilst there is absolutely no reason why they would be disadvantaged compared with men. That is over 50% of potential the workforce. And the other 50% are ambivolent.

How do we change this image? Being selfish, I will continue to set up and run technology companies, and I need a talented resources. But maybe there is a change as The Discovery Channel’s recent article Wide Angle: Cool Tech Jobs; Discovery Tech talks to technologists who love their jobs, shows.  And Max’s reaction.


3 thoughts on “Is being a geek starting to be cool again?

  1. I have been studying how the different genders interact with I.T. this year, it is very interesting, there are biological, and social reasons for it, women are not able to deal with the single line of thinking that IT requires (apparently…can quote lots of studies!!) they have too wide a spectrum of thought, it is a great debate within the psychological fields with some compelling evidence to substantiate it.

    1. Zelanie. I completely agree, but there are more jobs in IT than programming; operations, sales, marketing, support, executive management. Maybe that is the issue. We need to show the full spectrum of IT rather than the stereotypical cube-monkey.

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