You’re excited about a new secondment abroad. But it is a new country, in a new office, with a new team. The expectations of you are high. So you need to be on the ball despite the jet lag, emotions of leaving family and friends , and the logistics of moving your entire life (in boxes).

That’s why you probably need a boy you can trust to move your personal stuff so you can turn up to work on day 1 on fire in your own clothes. Rather than leaving it to a faceless courier company who makes you track your own shipment through an impenetrable website…. that shows that you are in San Francisco and your boxes are somewhere north of Seattle or Sydney.

I used to think that couriers, especially the large players, were pretty reliable but recent experiences is that they are failing to meet the demand of online purchases. Quality of service is dropping rapidly. In fact it has fallen so far that they are a subject of my next article on my monthly column “Mr Angry – on customer service”. The article is called Why couriers don’t deliver.

I find it staggering as couriers have a pretty simple business model. They pick stuff up and need to deliver it to somewhere else, safely and securely. But as my research is proving, they are failing. Either through a lack of a transparent end to end process thought through from a customer perspective or from a staff engagement / attitude perspective. This is leaving the market open for a reliable more personal service. Which is why I have high hopes for a service offered by a friend called the Baggage Boys.

They are not aiming at the small package or document delivery, but shipping personal belongings. So professionals on secondment. Sending Antipodeans back home or moving them into Earls Court to work in bars. Foreign students into UK University digs and then storing their stuff when they go on their travels.

What is interesting and different is that they are building a company with a personality. Which should not be too hard as the founder, Daryl Catterall, has a larger than life persona and a real love of life. It is impossible to spend more than 5 minutes with him and not be inspired by his passion for Baggage Boys, cooking and dancing – probably in that order!!

That personality starts with the brand. The name Baggage Boys and then the logo, website and social media presence. And finally it is team on the end of the phones.

So in the world where everything where everything seems to be on-line, automated call centres and self service to drive out costs, how can Baggage Boys afford to be successful with a softer more personal touch? Surely, it will cost too much? Clearly this is a delicate balance of costs and revenues. Firstly their focus is on customers who are relocating so the shipments are one or more standard sized packing boxes.

This means that the revenues per customer are higher than traditional couriers. The standardization of the box sizes allows delivery and storage costs to be kept down. But probably the biggest difference is that this is a company “born in the social world”. It has not bolted social onto an existing organization as an afterthought. It understands how to harness the power of social media to drive down the cost of customer acquisition. But it is also it is critically important to maintain customer engagement and retention. Because if Baggage Boys shipped someone out, they want to ship them home again.

 But to achieve that they need to be able to deliver – reliably.

And talking to Daryl that it is clear that Baggage Boys are just not delivering boxes of personal belongings. They realize that they are delivering piece of mind, which they take very seriously.




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