Social Media At Work


One thought on “How social media is destroying productivity #social

  1. Hi Ian, thanks for the presentation. Such numbers have been published in different perspectives and they could be correct in terms of time that people spend on social media. While I am skeptical of the benefits of social media inside a business and the value that it brings or brings not to someones private life, I propose that the conclusions drawn here are utter nonsense.

    1) Social media does not replace directly studying time and exercise. It does not say how much people are watching less TV or play games or hang less around in bars.
    2) Disrupting someone during work time is a bad thing but we have the same with mobile phones. I wonder how the number of 23 minutes to return to task was found as an reasonable average.
    3) Workers spending time on the Internet during work hours is an issue but then this has nothing to do with the Internet but a boring job (i.e. following silly flow-diagrams) and poor management.

    Not all time on the Internet and social media is wasted. The presentation does not consider that people should spend more time thinking or contemplating, that the Internet is a source of knowledge on both YouTube and Wikipedia, that it connects family and friends, provides alternative information sources to the usual media outlets and it is in principle active rather than passive. It provides a platform for discussions like this one.

    Social media are a hype and novelty but they cost time and money. They will stabilize to a normal pattern of use over time, in whatever configuration that makes sense to the people using it. Who knows, even Facebook might be run over by a newer service just like it ran over Myspace.

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