When you check out tomorrow don’t throw away your Gartner Symposium card.  It can solve one of the world’s greatest problems; well maybe not, but certainly a source of huge frustration.

The problem

You get out your iPad Mini or iPhone5 to admiring and envious looks. You look cool and feel great. And then you get out your headphones which have inexplicably tied themselves in a knot.  Not good.  You spend seconds, minutes untangling them. You are no longer cool. Just humdrum.

The solution

Gartner can help you regain your cool. In 3 very easy steps

  1. Unravel your headphones (for the LAST time)
  2. Cut 2 slots in the top left hand corner in your Gartner name badge or invite card
  3. Wrap your headphones around the card

Now you will never need to waste valuable time un-knotting your headphones, with the added benefit of being reminded of the fantastic 3 days at Gartner with TIBCO.


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