Exactly 2 years today I wrote an article having got my new iPad. Is it really only 2 years ago th iPad was released!! It was called “Who wants my iPad

In summary, the article highlighted the key weaknesses of tablets.

“At work I am a ‘power user’. I write books and white papers, I give presentations, I tweet and blog   So the bluetooth keyboard has made like immeasurably better.  But I cannot review and update that MSWord document I was emailed. I cannot quickly develop a presentation pulling pictures from my huge library of images.”

The iPad experience had made me realise what I REALLY, REALLY wanted.

“Tablet 3.0 : It is a tablet with the same form function as the iPad with a high-definition touch screen that rotates.  But one with a ‘proper’ OS so I can run business apps, a large solid state hard disk, a couple of USB ports, a separate bluetooth keyboard and mouse, ….  oh and a battery life of 8+ hours.”

At the Gartner Symposium, I stopped by the IT Expo and the Samsung stand. And they showed me a Tablet 3.0.  It looks like a laptop, but the keyboard is detachable and it operates like a tablet, but running Windows8.

The key question “Is this too late?”  or maybe this is Microsoft’s chance to leapfrog Apple and their hold over the business-oriented iPad users. It maybe for many users. Sadly it is too late. I have left Microsoft and gone to the dark side. I LOVE my Macbook Air.


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