Theo Priestley asked a very interesting question in a recent blog called The true cost of customer service? : Does paying more for customer service actually guarantee the quality of the service?

According to a recent Oracle report 61% said they would pay more if it guaranteed better customer service. What also came out of the survey was that consumers will eventually turn away from brands who just don’t service them the way they’re expected to. For those of you who follow my regular column “Mr Angy on Customer Service” on the Process Excellence website will realise that most companies fall woefully short of the basic minimim, for customer service; banks, telco; courier companies to name a few.

I am currently in the Four Seasons Hotel in the Maldives.  I can tell you that paying (vastly) more does get you exemplary customer service. But what I have observed is that money does not buy class. The well-healed young Russians, Japanese and Americans here are rude bordering on obnoxious and treat all the staff like dirt. The staff all smile sweetly, but privately I hope they piss in their coffee.
So money does buy you customer service. But having money does not make you a good customer.


2 thoughts on “Does paying more guarantee customer service?

  1. Hi Ian, money buys no more than money can buy … which means nothing truly valuable. it can help to improve our use of time or stay a bit more healthy, but that is it. It can buy short term fulfillments that tend to feel empty after we have consumed them. Money does also not necessarily buy you good customer service. The only thing that gets you good customer ‘care’ is people who actually ‘care’. Global companies fall woefully short in understanding that being completely blinded by efficiency optimized processes …

    In terms of Maledives, I can only recommend to spend your money on places like One&Only Rethi-Ra or Banyan Tree Madivaru (just six villas) and there won’t be any obnoxious people. But then you need to be able to entertain yourself with your company because no one else will do so.

    All the best, Max

  2. Agreed…. and thanks for the recommendation. BTW I heard the best way to spend money is on i) memories ie vactions ii) pay now and wait for it to arrive so you get delayed gratification

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