Working on shop floor as manager in BR Engineering one of my foreman came up to me at the end of the shift and said “the team have gone home”. In fact he actually said. “F*ck me, the f*cking f*ckers have f*cking f*cked off” Same thing. I understood.

But is swearing acceptable in the workplace? Here is a lovely clip from Love Actually.

Swearing in the workplace

Does the person swearing does it make them feel somehow more powerful or does it indeed demean them in front of their team?

A new study by shows that 81% of employers believe cursing brings an employee’s professionalism into question. The study showed that 64% of employers think less of an employee who swears repeatedly, and 57% said they are less likely to promote someone who using curse words. A further 71% of employers said that swearing shows a “lack of control,” while 68% says swearing demonstrates a “lack of maturity.” Perhaps most interestingly, says spokesperson Jennifer Grasz, is that 54% of employers said that swearing made their employees appear “less intelligent.”

For a fuller breakdown of the CareerBuilder survey there is an excellent Forbes article.


The tone of the company is often set by senior management, and their behaviour and language may differ when dealing with peers, subordinates and clients. When you start a new job, you’ll realise pretty quickly whether people swear or not. Now, that does not mean that you then have to throw in expletives just because others do, and you will need to watch your tongue if you find yourself in a more formal setting.

So in summary.

Shut the f*ck up.


UPDATE:  Sean Lock (UK comedian) on swearing




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