There was a 30 min blackout and the Superbowl was halted due to a power outage. It was approximately between 7 and 8:30 PM EST that half the lights at Superdome (in New Orleans, Louisiana) went out in the stadium.  The approximate time of the blackout can be determined by Twitter hashtag analytics for #blackout, #superbowl, and #sb47, the commonly used hashtags at the time.  I jumped on Twitter as it was on fire with amusing Tweets about the blackout.

Within minutes of the blackout someone created a Twitter username called @SuperBowlLights who at one point when I looked had 14,000 followers within an hour or two of the event.  Many in the Twittersphere wanted to catch what @SuperBowlLights had to say.  They were curious and engaged.  This person was genius in using the moment to create a cult following and entertainment.

But Oreo cookies is the clear winner when they got this ad out. This image summarises the power of social in the hands of a switched on and responsive marketing team.

dunk in the dark


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