The lucky few

LessAdmin has launched as a “closed” Beta. That means it is now available for a smallish group of early users they can start managing their assets, projects and jobs online. After over a year of planning, designing and coding we are finally here!!!!

For the rest of you there are 2 ways to become a user:

  1. hope that one of the current Beta users invites you to be a co-owner of one of their assets, a friend on one of their projects or assigns you a job.
  2. beg and plead with us to be invited as one of the first full Beta users which will be at the end of February

Why should you care.? Well, anyone who joins during Beta is enrolled on the FREE for LIFE programme.

LessAdmin explained

As the website says….

We all have assets, whether they are owned or rented; house, 2nd home, boat, car, pet, horse, jewellery, electronics, investments and your health. But these assets burn up valuable time and effort and the administration can quickly become unmanageable.
So, if it is worth insuring, or the sentence starts with “I am organising…” then you should be using LessAdmin.
That way, LessAdmin can give you your life back.

A picture is worth a thousand words

But I think it is far better explained as a picture.

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 15.33.07


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