So many things, so little time

There are great many products, services and ideas out in the marketplace. With the internet, you can now access them no matter where they are in the world. Users are swamped with potential options, and choosing what to focus on is the challenge.

Prioritisation not more time

People tell me that they don’t have enough time.  I read a recent blog about “being busy” used as a status symbol of their importance called “The Busy Trap”.  The most successful people on the planet (by whatever measure you choose) have the same number of hours per day as the least successful. It is what they decide to do with their

hours that determines the results.  Interestingly “decide” comes from the Latin dcdere, and means to cut off i.e. remove the other options.

The benefit gap &  *RBI

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 11.48.41

When we start thinking about getting someone to buy and adopt our product or service, it normally  includes some change in behaviour or activity. Now the issue with getting anyone to (buy and) change is the gap between the effort of changing and the benefit of doing it. In business terms I used to call this the difference between “Important” and “Urgent”. We need the demand to be Urgent.

It is human nature to do things that take us towards pleasure and away from pain. And change, any change, falls into the category of “pain”. So the trick is to make the pain very clear and shorten the time to getting the benefits.

With cloud based applications the time to implement is quicker because there is no software to install. I used to joke that there was *RBI with TIBCO Nimbus, not ROI.

*RBI = Return Before Investment, because they were getting benefits before the first invoice had even been sent!!




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