Money and patience

As an investor in a startup, apart form having money the other critical asset is patience. It takes time to get a software application to market. And as an investor, rather than working in the business, all you can do is cheer and encourage from the sidelines. In some ways, my involvement has delayed the launch. Because I am not as close to the application as the founder and development team I feel I can give a more objective view. Therefore I insisted that certain elements of the UX (look and feel) were changed to make it more intuitive, and also encouraged the team to make sure that the application was architected so it could scale to 100,000’s of users from Day 1. Sounds like overkill, but my motto is “let’s plan for success”.

FREE for LIFE Programme

So LessAdmin is now open for Beta users.  Beta does not mean testing. It means using the application and giving feedback on usability, identify killer uses, and helping the team understand how to make this go viral. For that LessAdmin, users who sign up during the Beta period will be on the FREE for LIFE programme.

So it is easy to sign up.  Just go to

Why do I need

There are some propositions where LessAdmin is a no-brainer. The effort of starting to use LessAdmin is so closely linked to the benefits.  Examples are

  •  owning and managing a 2nd home which is rented
  • managing a racing yacht or chartering a yacht
  • organising an event; sporting, charity, or social

But there are other uses where the benefits of using LessAdmin may not be apparent for a while, such as:

  • Add yourself as an Asset and add scanned copies of passport and driving license; if you have ever lost your passport (I have!!) you will recognise the value of being able to access a copy of your passport wherever you are in the world
  • Any investment and tax certificates when they are sent to you; make next year’s tax return far easier
  • Add any valuable electronics (laptop, camera, MP3 players) along with proof of purchase so if they are lost or stolen when travelling then you make sure the insurance company pay you what you are due.

I’ve added a bunch of the Assets I own – cars, boats, electronics, investments  – and I was staggered how quick and easy it was. I was also surprised by how many documents that are really valuable that I couldn’t find!!!

Sign up now

So it is easy to sign up.  Just go to




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