It is difficult to think of any corporate activity that requires more collaboration and involves multiple 3rd parties. Also it also  has the highest levels of risk as it has a deadline that is fixed and the responsibility is left to a relatively junior person in marketing with little or no formal mechanism for tracking. And finally, it is probably one of the largest major external budget items.

Described like this, it is staggering that there is no dedicated software for supporting the planning and coordination of event management. Sure, there is software for getting delegates to events and for registration and ticketing. But event planning and management is still in the dark ages with a combination of email, shared folders and spreadsheets. Some companies use project management or task management  software for tracking progress.

The real requirement

But none of these solutions really hit the spot; reducing effort, improving collaboration, reducing risk.

The social revolution – “the social enterprise” as Salesforce put it – seems have passed by the events team in marketing and had little or no impact.

Which is why a team who have experience of building enterprise scale software and running corporate events ave launched (Disclosure – I am an investor).

Aligned with Gartner‘s Nexus of Forces

Gartner have identified 4 forces that are changing the landscape of businesses, and in some cases whole industries. These forces are Cloud, Social, Mobile and Data.  For more background read this blog.  In summary, these are 4 technology trends which are all, in their own right, allowing people to work in different ways. But when they are combined they have the potential to create and destroy whole industries.

If we think of event planning and management, this plays out as:  the ability to access all the information you need anywhere, anytime (cloud) on any device (mobile), combined with the true collaboration which reaches beyond the corporate boundaries (social). This will not “make a dent in the universe” but it will improve the lives of harassed, stressed event planners out there. And that has to be good, right?

Does for planning and management what EventBrite has done for ticketing

A grand ambition, but the team who are building LessEventAdmin have already built and sold global enterprise software companies, so you wouldn’t want to bet against them. Can they do it this time? The market is different and the Nexus Of Forces means it may be harder to build a very profitable company. But it should make it easier to build a truly global company. Only time will tell.

FREE at launch

But at the moment the application is FREE whilst it is in launch phase. So register at


2 thoughts on “Corporate event planning and management goes social

  1. Now in today’s world the importance of corporate parties , events etc increasing day by day as they help in improving social environment in the workplace and allow employee to mix up with each other

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