We are skiing in France with the Nimbus management team.  Off piste with a guide, as always, and in deep snow.  Mark goes for big air and loses a ski. We search for his lost ski for 45 minutes and for the rest of the day we debate the potential of an IR chip attached to anything so you can find it with your smartphone.

But this is 21 March 2006.  The business potential is huge.  A little research the next week revealed that IR devices were not powerful enough at a cost effective price, wifi was not ubiquitous enough and smartphones couldn’t read IR devices. So we canned the idea, built our current business (which we later sold) and made sure Mark has his bindings wound up to 13.

Scroll forward 7 years and now the pieces of the puzzle all exist – at an affordable price – made possible by the Nexus of Forces as Gartner describes it. The Nexus of Forces are cloud, social, mobile and data.

What we put together in our business plan is pretty much all here in The Tile App and just to put a real 2013 spin on it, the funding for it was crowdsourced.  How cool is that? Hats off to the guys.

This video shows the potential.



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