In a recent article in Business Insider called Lots Of Huge Brands Are Giving Away Free Tattoos To Get Their Names Out There it seems that people are prepared to have a tattoo which is a company logo – provided it is free.

Is this a wise decision? If you need more supporting advice, I suggest that they head over to a recent blog of mine called  Tattoo decisions – they live with you forever Hint: NO

I remember presenting at a conference alongside the Chairman of Harley Motorcycles. His claim was that ultimate  customer loyalty is when they tattoo your logo on their body.  He said his company was unique. However, tattoos are fast becoming one of corporate America’s favorite branding tools. This spring, Red Bull and the British e-tailer ASOS also set up pop-up tattoo parlors (at Miami Music Week and SXSW, respectively). At another event Reebok “branded” 45 people.

“Who needs a food truck at your party when you can do a tattoo truck?” says Bruce Starr, a partner at BMF Media, the agency behind the Hard Rock and ASOS events.

But if you have had a company logo tattooed you’ve gotta hope that the company does not go for a rebranding exercise. That could get painful.



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