Most multi-tasking is doing more than one thing at a time and getting a worse result than doing each one individually. But I came across a lovely example where it does work:  Carpool (not carpooling).

Carpool is a web series presented by English actor and comedian Robert Llewellyn. In each episode he interviews a guest while giving them a lift in an eco-friendly car (normally a Toyota Prius hybrid electric vehicle). The guests are often well-known British television personalities such as Jonathan Ross or Ade Edmondson. However, Llewellyn also interviews less-well-known figures as long as he feels that they will prove to be an interesting subject. The guests have also included Llewellyn’s fellow Red Dwarf actors, Danny John Jules, Craig Charles, Chris Barrie and Hattie Hayridge (as well as Tony Hawks, Arthur Smith and Ruby Wax who all appeared in cameo roles in Red Dwarf, while Ed Bye, the show’s producer/director, was the first person interviewed for the series). Llewellyn has also reunited with his Scrapheap Challenge co-hosts, Cathy Rogers and Lisa Rogers for interviews.

The show is filmed using small cameras mounted within the car, and Llewellyn drives his guest to a destination of their choosing as they talk informally about a variety of subjects. As Llewellyn is driving for the majority of the time it can be difficult to deal with technical problems especially interference from mobile phones. Occasionally, such as during the Lisa Rogers episode, outside events such as being stopped by police interrupt the discussions.

Here is a really fantastic edition with the comedian and actor Chris Addison. You may know him from his stand up, appearances on Mock the Week or as Olly in The Thick of It.



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