I think my feelings around BPM, TQM, Six Sigma and process improvement are best summed up by this image.


The caption says” The race for quality has no finish line, so technically it is a death march”

I have spent every hour of the last 16 years evangelizing the importance of process. I have seen huge progress over the years, but still “process” is a dirty word and 2nd class citizen in many organizations.  But those who have embraced process improvement and embedded it as a culture in their organizations have achieved fantastic results. Reduced costs, reduced rework, improved cycle time, happier staff, delighted clients.  So who wouldn’t want it?  Beats me.  In our small way at Nimbus and then at TIBCO we managed to help transform some very large organizations like Nestle, AstraZeneca, ThyssenKrupp, Carphone Warehouse and BAE Systems. And little by little word has spread. It has been fantastic leading such a great Nimbus team, and connecting with like-minded analysts, CEOs and consultants. But my time is done. TIBCO owns Nimbus and has some clear ideas on taking it to market. Which gives me the space to fulfill my entrepreneurial aspirations in San Francisco, where I now live.

So I am leaving to try and disrupt another industry which seems to have little or no process and very little joined up IT support – the events industry. There is so much the combination of cloud, social, mobile and big data could do to improve the experience of the event planner, delegate, sponsor and suppliers. And this is not a small industry. In fact if you look closer, the figures are astonishing.

The figures are from a 2008/9 study, arguably a time when meeting and conference attendance was at an all time low. The figures are US only for meetings, where a meeting is 10 people together for at least 4 hours; 1,266,200 meetings involving 107,187,00 participants.  Another study showed that there are nearly 13,000 major US tradeshows planned with 60 where there are over 1,000 exhibitors and 20 with over 100,000 delegates.

So I am very excited, slightly scared, but ready to roll.

BTW.  The slightly strange image is that LessEventAdmin is about to change its name to the slightly more memorable name of ZenAlpha.com

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