I have been honoured to lead the growth of Nimbus from a start-up in a bedroom in Emsworth through to acquisition by TIBCO. I have spent the last 2 years in TIBCO corporate helping establish a robust analyst relations programme. My work is done and I need to fulfil my entrepreneurial aspirations based out here in San Francisco.

From Mon 9th December I will be the new President and CEO of LessEventAdmin.com as co-founder alongside Adrian King (ex-Nimbus
CIO/COO).  The event management space is poorly served by technology and is ripe for disruption. The combination of cloud, social, mobile and big data can provide a better experience for delegates, sponsors, speakers, suppliers and organisers.

Our initial offering, which has just launched, is targeted at the planning and logistics; “collaborative event management”; doing for event management what Salesforce did for sales management.  It is getting discussions and documents out of inboxes and onto the web and giving some cost visibility.

I am very excited (and slightly scared) about the challenge.


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