I have written a number of posts about the importance of happy staff.  One of the favorites was Happy Staff. I run a business not a bloody holiday camp.  We all spend too much time at work vs doing what we want and being who we want to be with. My pet saying is “Life is not a dress rehearsal”. You get one go at life, so make the most of every day. Find magic in every moment.

That doesn’t mean be a clown or silly. I have fun but can still be professional and get the job done. But my “happier” way means I have a better time, and so do the people around me. At Nimbus we built a great company with fantastic growth, delighted clients and an awesome culture.

Here is another company who is doing even better. And they believe happiness is the new ROI. Here is their CEO, Shawn Riegsecker, speaking at TechWeek in Chicago. And this is NOT just words.  If you take a look at the company reviews on GlassDoor.  Now, if you dare, take a look at your company.



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