Based on the success, measured by column inches, of MonkeyParking I have decided to launch MonkeyGirlfriend. And possibly a sister site MonkeyExWife.

For those of you not up to speed on the latest app, MonkeyParking, it has hit on the brilliant idea of allowing someone to be paid to tell others that they are about to leave a parking space. It has caused a huge uproar as some have deemed that a person is selling a public parking space. The MonkeyParking CEO is refuting this, and is in a battle of words with the San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera who has asked him to stop trading.  Herrera has just issued a cease-and-desist demand today to Monkey Parking, an iOS app that lets users bid for other people’s parking spaces. The letter cites San Francisco Police Code section 63(c) that states: “It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to enter into a lease, rental agreement or contract of any kind, written or oral, with or without compensation, for the use of any street or sidewalk.”

MonkeyParking is claiming that the app is not selling a public parking space, but the convenience of knowing that a space is about to become free.

Brilliant, just brilliant

Which is where the brilliance of MonkeyGirlfriend lies.  How many times do you see a girl you fancy, but find that she is in a relationship? But you know at some point that she will split up with him and be available. But you don’t know when that will be.  How much would you pay to know that she has just, or is about to, break up with her boyfriend?  Knowing that you can be perfectly positioned to become her new boyfriend, with the added benefit that your timing is perfect to catch her on the rebound. Thereby improving your chances of scoring. Brilliant.



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