Like the frog in water being steadily heated that it doesn’t notice the change until it boils to death, “BPM” (vendors, analysts, bloggers) have not recognised the gradual shift. But, the signs of BPM death are all around. Sorry to sounds so negative, a but pessimist is what an optimist calls a realist.

No one is buying BPM. Customers are buying “increase sales effectiveness”, “more engaged customer experience”, “more responsive support”, “regulatory compliance”, “better shared services”…… All these require BPM techniques, methodologies and technologies.

Which leads me to – BPM is embedded in specific applications such as CRM, Support, Call Centre, Compliance.

So the role of generic BPM is dead. It is everything and nothing.

Case in point. Cordys, who has “a next generation Business Process Management Suite” was recently bought by OpenText for $33m. Cordys has had $180m of investment. And then compare it with the explosive growth in vendors selling BPM wrapped up as customer service, or support, or even managing expenses etc etc.

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