The summer is over. The flip flops and shorts have been swapped for business attire. I took the summer off to spend time with the family and that has proved to be one of my better decisions. But I also set myself the goal of by 1 Sept that I would decide what I would focus my energy on. I had 4 options:

  1. Another tech start-up
  2. An interim CEO role (adult supervision) for a tech start up
  3. A portfolio career of writing, speaking and non exec roles
  4. Launching a global consulting firm.

I chose door 4. Why?  I think it offers the right level of risk vs reward for me.  Plus, sitting here in San Francisco, close to I can see  huge opportunity to help them with their largest clients where they are engaged in large change projects with complex implementations where the process driven approach we perfected at Nimbus will make a huge difference.  Finally, back in March I was program manager for a large TIBCO Nimbus project with a small team of 5  of us for 3 months at a client in Toronto. It was Q9’s first project and it took me back to my Accenture days. And I had forgotten how much fun and rewarding it was.

So the last 2 weeks I have been developing the brand, getting clear on the proposition, setting up the email, social sites and website.  The deadline was today.  And it is all done. So please go and check it out    All comments, both good and bad, are welcome.

Q9 logo and tag line

MISSION:  We help our clients change to be more successful

FOCUS: Customer Experience = Process + CRM (



Obviously if there are projects that you hear about, then please think of Q9.  If you are interested in working for Q9 then email me  In the early days it is a balancing act between winning projects and taking on staff. But the aim is to build a significant consulting business, headquartered out of San Francisco but delivering complex change projects for global clients.

I will continue to blog here as IanGotts on a range of subjects, but also Q9 will be blogging on process, sales and Customer Experience.  So please go and subscribe.

I am both excited and scared.  But that is how it should be – right?



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