Rethinking book publishing

Download the book summary:
IMPACT – the technology executive’s guide for selling B2B disruptive and innovative solutions

Having recently read the Lean Startup by Eric Ries a thought struck me as we started to rewrite Why Killer Products. We originally published it in 2008 which was appalling timing as the whole world was in melt down and survival was the only thing an executive wanted to think about. But now, we have a digital goldrush as everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. So we are re-writing it and making it more focused on executives in tech startups selling B2B.  So, why follow the same worn old path?

Traditional approach
  1. research
  2. write full book
  3. get reviewer feedback
  4. rewrite book
  5. publish
  6. write book summary
  7. promote
  8. wait for feedback.
A radical approach

However, we are taking a different approach to the book. We have written a 25 page book summary.  It is a free download and is really an abridged version rather than the normal “teaser”. It gives you the whole story, but doesn’t go into a massive level of detail or have any examples or case studies. If there is enough interest from the book summary we will go ahead and edit and publish the full book. So instead our process looks like this;

  1. research
  2. write 25 page book summary
  3. get reviewer feedback
  4. rewrite summary
  5. make available to readers
  6. get feedback and level of interest
  7. write full book
  8. publish.

We got the idea from a combination of the Lean Startup who advocate developing the minimum viable product (MVP) to gauge and test the market and also Teespring a t-shirt printing company who call it “crowdfunded customer apparel” who only print the t-shirts once the number of orders have reach an economic batch size.

What it means is that we don’t waste time if there is limited interest or if the book summary gives enough information and the full book is not necessary.

Is this the future of publishing? We think so, but let’s let the market decide.

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