Here is yet another example of the power of the current free marketing tools and channels in the hands of bright, innovative and passionate people.  Combine this with the viral power of social media and you have a marketing reach which eclipses the marketing departments of corporates staffed with their good to average marketers.

This example is targeting Pepsico and Doritos and was made by SumOfUs who are campaigning against Pepsico’s destruction of rain forests due to the palm oil used to make Doritos.

“That sound when you bite down on Doritos? That’s the sound of rainforests being “crunched” to make way for massive palm oil plantations in Southeast Asia. Workers, and even children, are trapped in modern slavery on the plantations. Forests and peatlands are burned to the ground, driving endangered species like orangutans to extinction and polluting the Earth’s atmosphere with gigatons of greenhouse gases — all to make palm oil. 

Doritos’ parent company, PepsiCo, could put a stop to the deforestation. But instead of leading the charge, PepsiCo is hanging back, issuing middling policies with gaps so big a parade of endangered pygmy elephants could fit through them. 

Tell PepsiCo to be bold and help save the rainforest.”


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