I spilled coffee on my 2 year old Macbook.  So I scheduled an appointment in the Genius Bar.  They take my Macbook out back and come back with graves faces.  They told me the motherboard, SSD, keyboard and possible screen need to be replaced.  Just to confirm – the only thing that was not going to be new after the repair was the outer metal shell.  And the repair bill would be $700.

Here comes the clever bit.  They look me in the eye and say, “We normally recommend that if the repair bill is over $500 you replace the Macbook”.    So rather than spend $700 and get a completely new Mac except for the back cover, they wanted me to spend $1,499.

Only in Apple Stores is it better to spend $1,499 than $700.




3 thoughts on “Apple-math: why Apple is so successful

  1. And how susceptible is an SSD to water?

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