In a nutshell:

sees things from a different perspective
huge energy
operates at 110% at all times
massively competitive
in everything he does
polite persistence
doesn’t ever give up
makes unreasonable demands
challenges people to excel
focused on delivery
“I don’t want it perfect, I want it Tuesday”
leads from the front
won’t ask people to do what he won’t do himself
serial entrepreneur
but able to run a multi-national corporation.

A serial tech entrepreneur where his passion and energy is infectious and inspiring. He is founder and CEO of, a free cloud business analysis / process mapping app that is tightly integrated into Salesforce (but also great for any transformation). He was founder and CEO of Nimbus for 15 years, which was bought by TIBCO Software. Prior to that he was at Accenture for 12 years as Associate Partner responsible for large scale, high risk transformation projects.

Ian is the author of 9 books and is a prolific blogger with a rare ability to make the complex seem simple which makes him a sought after and entertaining conference speaker. And he is powered by Duracell.

mail:  ian.gotts [at] gmail [dot] com
twitter: @iangotts
location: San Francisco, London and 787Dreamliner