Motivation requires good role models #leadership #olympics

This image, posted on FB struck a chord with me. When a recent survey of school children in the UK revealed the answer to “What do you want to be when you grow up” was “FAMOUS”, we know we have a serious problem. There are so many good role models out there – successful business people, sportsmen, adventurers. But what sells newspapers and magazines like Hello is ‘celebrity watching”.  What is cheap and easy TV to make are “reality TV shows” making the sad, desperate lives of ordinary people into soap operas. In in the process, making those people somehow … Continue reading Motivation requires good role models #leadership #olympics

Smart Casual – how to avoid getting frocked up #culture #funny #dresscode

Relaxed, yet professional We at Nimbus are ‘relaxed, yet professional’ and that hasn’t really changed since being acquired by TIBCO. That’s what our staff tell us. That’s what our clients tell us. That’s the exact wording in our company values statement . In the office, from the CEO down we wear jeans, polo shirts and sneakers. Or whatever people want to wear.  But when we go to clients we wear what the client wears – suit and tie at Nestlé, smart shirt and chinos at Microsoft. Smart Casual – how to avoid getting frocked up But it is tricky when … Continue reading Smart Casual – how to avoid getting frocked up #culture #funny #dresscode

Let’s toast the new world of work. Make mine a Martini.

In the 1970s and 80s the drinks company made famous the phrase “Any time, any place, any where – it’s a wonderful drink you can share, Martini” For the last 40 years the Martini stripes have been on motor racing winners, from Formula 1 to World Rallying. They have now moved on and their marketing dollars are spent on George Clooney. He is very good as you can see from this ad, but it is not the same as a Lancia Stratos snorting through the Welsh woods on the RAC Rally. Yep, I’m a petrol head. But that is not … Continue reading Let’s toast the new world of work. Make mine a Martini.

Social marketing = engagement Doh! #vw #stellaartois #fun #social

I remember when TV was worth watching.  But it was expensive to make “good-telly”.  Then came game shows which were cheap but lacked audience pull.  Then reality TV arrived which was the perfect answer;  cheap and more addictive than game shows. Some simply naff, some fun, some highbrow – Big Brother, So you think you can dance, Opera Star The advertisers have latched onto social marketing. Some of the more switched on are realising that it is about engaging with the audience rather than just a cheaper form of direct email.  And it is FUN. 3 trends are changing the … Continue reading Social marketing = engagement Doh! #vw #stellaartois #fun #social

SocialBPM software will not change behaviour #bpm #social #noss

At last some solid, researched advice Social Media: It’s About New Behaviors Not New Technologies [link for Gartner clients] from  Anthony J. Bradley at Gartner which is not social media / bubble hype.  For those of you who are not Gartner clients and cannot see the full report the summary is: After examining over 200 cases of social media collaboration success, Gartner have identified a set of collective behaviors that underlie almost all successful efforts. They are collective intelligence, expertise location, emergent structures, interest cultivation, mass coordination, and relationship leverage. See a recent Gartner press release for descriptions of each. … Continue reading SocialBPM software will not change behaviour #bpm #social #noss

technology has eliminated all my vacation #happy

When I worked for Andersen Consulting I used to get 6 weeks vacation, and take 4 weeks unpaid.  I needed 10 weeks to be able to go skiiing a couple of times and race sailboats in National and International competitions.  That was in the 1990’s  BC (before children) Now in 2011 AC (After Children) I have zero vacation.  Technology did this. So is this progress? I think so. Sounds mad, but hear me out. With a global role at Nimbus it means that I need to be everywhere and nowhere.  But Nimbus is growing fast and never sleeps. And as … Continue reading technology has eliminated all my vacation #happy