Speaker, conference chair and workshop facilitator

Ian performed on stage at Microsoft’s World Partner Conference in Steve Ballmer’s keynote speech to an audience of 12,000 people and with over 50,000 watching online.“You hit the mark with the message right from the start. Your delivery was a nice, professional but relaxed style and when you hit your success numbers, an audience member audibly said Wow! Not bad in a 12,000-person auditorium! Real kudos for making our keynote GREAT.”

Watch Ian in action on stage for Microsoft in front of 12,000 people

What topics does Ian speak on?

innovation and selling innovation: Getting a product (or service) to market may be a battle, but that is just the start. A fatal misunderstanding about how companies buy innovation means that the idea, no matter how fantastic or valuable, will never take off. Ian’s latest book has made him a sought after speaker on innovation and tech start-ups.

culture change and business transformation: “Change is the norm” is often said, but how do you get changes in day to day operations consistently adopted across the grass roots in your company is a major challenge. Companies like Toyota and Philips are masters at this – how?  Ian has been a thought leader in this space for over 15 years

cloud computing: the Next Big Thing but with every opportunity comes risk.  The issue is the unknown unknowns.  People are putting their businesses at risk (reputational, operational and security) but don’t realise.  Ian’s recent 3 books on Cloud Computing from a Customer, Software Vendor and Salesforce.com Partner perspective are illuminating,

programme management: After 12 years managing major business transformation programmes for Accenture, he is prepared to show the scars and relive some of the highs and lows of running project teams with as many as 500 people. Yes – it is mostly crowd control.

presentation training: 42% of adults fear presenting in public more than dogs.  Encapsulated in the Top 10 Hints Ian explains how to get your message across, make you stand out and make it stick.

Finally, some credits

“In X Factor style, it’s tough to open the show, but you were the perfect choice.”

“You hit the mark with the message right from the start, your delivery was a nice professional but relaxed style. Not bad in a 12,0000 person stadium!”

“Ian clearly thought he had been booked for the caberet, not a stuffy business presentation”

“Your presentation was superb and very professionally presented.”

“The response from the delegates is that your presentation was clear and concise and you have been rated one of the top presenters at the conference.”

“If your book is anything like your speaking style, I shall enjoy the read.”

“I thought it was the best from an individual during the day.”