Why Killer Products Don’t Sell :

How to run your company to a new set of rules

Your unique, innovative product should have flown out of the warehouse, but sales have tanked and the sales team’s morale is at an all time low. What has gone wrong, and why?

Whether or not your corporation has a strong track record of sales success, there is no guarantee that your experience can help you to take a ground-breaking product to a new market. If you have a killer product, and you want it to sell, Ian Gotts and Dominic Rowsell will show you how to ensure success:

This book will help you to understand:

• the common reasons why killer products don’t sell – and how to
change your strategies.

• four different sales models, based on customers’ buying culture.

• why you need to sell to a customer organization in the way that they
want to buy.

• how creating value in today’s marketplace differs radically from the
traditional sales approach.

• how to align your entire organization to support value-created sales.

• ways to transform your organization to become much more successful,
much faster.

With contributions from EADS, Cisco, Fuji Xerox Global Services, Symantec, SAS, a host of smaller successful start-ups and the investor community.

Foreword written by Guy Kawasaki, author of 8 books including Selling the Dream, The Art of the Start and his recent book Reality Check.

Book summary

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